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Cashback Credit Cards!

In recent years, the competition between credit card companies in the U.S.A. has reached record levels and they are so desperate for customers they are now willing to pay you to use their credit card.  There are now a variety of cards available which have no fees, yet pay you cash back as a percentage of each sale.  And when I say cash back, I mean Insane Cash Back!  I have personally received over $2000 - yes thats Two Thousand Dollars in the past 5 years.  Simply put, if you don't have one or more cash back cards, you are missing out on this great opportunity!


You can click on each of the links below (or right-click and open in new tab if you prefer) to obtain the offer details for each card.  In particular, you should look for these features:

NOTE: Above is a list of features to look for, in general, but there is no representation here that any of the cards below have any of the features above, because the list of credit card links may change at any time. Again, you must check the offer details of each card to make comparisons.

When carrying a low-interest balance and also using the card for purchases or balance transfers at a higher rate, be aware that payments are often applied to the lowest rate balance, so you might accrue finance charges even if your payments are greater than the higher rate balance.


NOTE: The cards listed here all require USA residency.



Is it safe to apply for a credit card online?

Yes.  First of all, this web site is not taking your application, it is simply linking you to the online application offered by the appropriate bank or company offering the card.  So the question is, do you trust them, in general?  I would think the answer is Yes or you wouldn't be applying for a credit card from them.  Secondly, as long as you make sure the application page is secure (you should see a small lock on the bottom of your web browser window before typing in personal information) then you can be assured that the information will not be collected by a third party.  In fact, in many ways online communications (when secure) are safer than giving that information over the phone.

Who are you?

Just a guy who is always looking for the best credit card.  I live in San Diego, California, home of the Chargers and the Padres.  I am an Electrical Engineer by trade, but I run some web sites on the side.

Why are you advertising these credit cards?

Because I love beating the system.  Ask my friends and they will tell you, I am always offering advice on the best deals out there.  And these credit cards are just too good to ignore.  I just love getting money for nothing.

Do you get a kick-back from the stores/banks?

Well, I'm not sure whether you call this a kick-back since you aren't actually paying anything for the credit card.  But yes, I do collect a referral fee for each person that gets approved for a credit card using a link from this web site to the application.  If you apply for these credit cards through another web site, then I don't get anything. Now why would you want to do that?

Is it bad for my credit to apply for multiple credit cards? 

It's true that recent credit card applications may show up on your credit history and too many of them may affect your credit score temporarily. What that means is, if you are going to apply for several cards, you should do it all at the same time. Also, I personally have about 15 credit cards and I haven't been denied one in the past 8 years. I think it helps if you have carried a balance in the past (even if it is a 0% APR balance) so they think they can make money off you, and of course you have paid your minimum due each month.

What information does your web site collect about me? 

Nothing but your IP address and what pages you viewed here.  Pretty much all web hosts do this for the purpose of generating statistics for monitoring and optimizing the web site. Here is our Privacy Policy.

What should I do if I have a question not listed here? 

Send an email to "question@(this domain name)". Sorry, I have to write it that way to avoid email spiders. I promise I won't use your email address for anything except to answer your question.


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