Privacy Policy

This web site is for the most part, a portal to other servers which take credit card applications.  As such, we don't really collect any personal information from you.  Like all web servers, your IP address (which is used to send packets such as this text to your computer) is logged as well as which pages you visited within this web site, for the purposes of generating statistics and optimizing the web site.  However, once you leave this web site, we don't attempt to track you or monitor your activity after that. (I'm not even sure if that's possible.)

So, to make it absolutely clear...

  • We don't try to figure out your email address.
  • We are not going to email you, unless you email us.
  • We don't know your name or your home address or your birth date or your social security number.
  • We will not infect your computer with spyware or a virus or anything like that.
  • We are the good guys.  So don't worry.

Hope this helps relieve your tension. Now you can hit Back on your browser.

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